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1. What are Batty Banties?

Batty Banties is a collection of 1,001 Cockerels living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and hosted on IPFS.

The NFTs were created by fusing Hand Drawn Art Techniques and AI Smarts to create randomly generated Unique Digital Collectibles.

2. What are the Official Links?


Website: and
Mint on PC:
Mint on Mobile:


Verified EtherScan Contract: 0xdbaf349aedee92beed5c392d97983dbbef1d3736

Twitter: @BattyBanties

Instagram: @BattyBanties (LOCKED)

TikTok: @BattyBanties (LOCKED)

Public Discord:

Youtube: Secret for now @BattyBanties


Team Twitters:


Creative Art Director: @CrayJohnNFTArt

Social Guru: @Firetwirlz

IT Director: @Trokkin

Crazy Cock: @PresCrazyCock

AI: None, for now, maybe once Timmy escapes.

3. What can I do with my Batty Banties NFT?

It’s yours. You own it and are free to use it as you like.

You can keep it, collect more, sell it, brag about it, and anything else (that is legal).

4. What Utility do Batty Banties Have?

While we believe Stunning Art and Distinguishable Rarity distribution with eye-popping traits is a utility on its own, we won’t stop there.

Ownership makes you:

  • Eligible to win a lot of prizes, ranging from Prestige, NFTs, Digital, and ETH.

  • Eligible to get access to Limited Edition Merchandise drops to buy.

  • Get stronger Voting Power surrounding anything concerning the Community.

  • A “Megaphone” to Moderators and Admins ears.

  • Able to keep it, sell it, and brag about it.

  • Able to be part of the ************* (This will be revealed in time by President Crazy Cock).

  • Whitelisting for future projects.

  • Further Utilities will be added as the community grows.

5. Who is the Team behind Batty Banties?

The Team consists of 4 Core Members with years of experience working in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Crypto VC firms.


The team’s core competencies include smart contracts, web design and development, backend infrastructure, corporate finance, economic behavior, business strategy, and community outreach.


Most importantly, we are NFT collectors that bring together a breadth of knowledge by being involved in numerous top NFT communities over the past years that allow us to deliver the ultimate experience within the Batty Banties collection.


This is a passion project at heart and we’ll ensure everything is done with the highest regard for the Community that contributes towards its success.

The Collection is a work of fiction that was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs.

6. What about Metadata and Images?

Before the reveal, the collection metadata is stored on a secure server, that encrypts and hides the data.

Upon reveal, metadata & images will have been randomized and uploaded to IPFS.

Post-sale, we will ensure further decentralization by freezing the metadata on

7. When is first Mint?

Public Sale: FREE

Date: 31/5/22


Reveal will be a few hours after the public sale is concluded!


Our dates are subject to change should we run into any issues in our launch process. We are committed to ensuring the smoothest possible minting experience for those trying to purchase Batty Banties NFTs.

8. Where can I mint Batty Banties?

Public sale members will be able to mint at

You will be able to mint both through the website (recommended) and directly through the contract should you choose to do so.

The Batty Banties Team is not responsible for gas lost or failed transactions during any time of the sale, so please do your research accordingly when purchasing.

Official OpenSea Collection:

9. Lower Gas Fees? Up to 80% Less?

We expect up to 80% Lower Gas Fees when you mint your NFTs of this collection.

Yes, you heard right. 80% Less.

This was made possible by building a new type of smart contract using the latest peer-reviewed research papers on Gas fees and testing it extensively on test networks.


Note: Gas fees are not under our control. Gas is the fee paid for executing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees also help keep the Ethereum network secure. They can change at any time. Use Gas tracker to find out the current gas prices. Also on checkout always keep an eye on the gas fees (transaction fees).

10. Whitelist Pre-Sale?

No Whitelist. Only Public Mint. First come first served.

11. “Corn Lovers” role?

This Role is reserved to Discord Members on the Batty Banties Discord. This Role has certain Perks.

12. Any additional mint details?

There will only ever be 11,101 units of Batty Banties.

During Mint:

Only 3NFTs can be minted per Transaction

Only 3 NFTs can be minted per Wallet (This Might be changed to 1 in Phase 2)

Note: Whale Control & Max Minting parameters can change if it is deemed beneficial for the community. Our smart contract is written to best to prevent ‘whales/botting’ but please do your research before minting to position yourself for the best possible minting experience.

13. The Valley and Old Hut?

The Valley and Old Hut are part of 3 Roadmaps


Unlike in Batty Banties which was created entirely by AI Timmy 3.0, The Valley is an NFT that was created by AI Timmy 3.0 and Cray John working together. The Valley will undergo 5 different phases of changes during minting depending on the % minted.


The Old Hut although visible in the The Valley  NFT, will be changed into an interactive playground to have a look around after mint is completed.

As goalposts are met, the Valley and Old Hut will change:

  • The Valley will change from a toxic desert to a place where any Batty Banty would be happy to live.

  • The Old Hut will be renovated and made accessible for the community.

Their current status can be viewed simply by going to the HERE.

14. Price comparison of Batty Banties to other NFT Projects?

Phase 1 Mint Price: 0.00 ETH per NFT (gas fees apply)


Batty Banties are much cheaper to mint because:

  1. The Price to Mint = Free - We are a community that wants to grow and develop together, everyone should get the opportunity to mint a Batty Banties NFT.

  2. Low Gas Contract - Our Team has developed and extensively tested a Low Gas Contract that allows up to 80% Lower Gas Fees during Minting.