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1. What will I be able to see in the Collection?

The NFTs will depict Batty Banties from head to toe

Each NFT will be made up of up to 10 Trait Types. One of which is the background layer. The background will be depicting different scenes, no single-colored backgrounds.


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2. What do Batty Banties look like?

Imagine a Rooster.... horizontally large..... and Crazy.

CrayJohn took inspiration from his years working for major animation studios in the US. So Batty Banties' building blocks share similarities to major cartoon series that we love and watch every day.

But the AI created by Trokkin, made the final decision on their appearance.

The rest is for you and me to discover.

3. How many Traits are there?

An NFT can be created from up to 10 Trait Types, including the background. 

There are over 200 Traits in the Batty Banties collection. 

1 Trillion Trait combinations are possible.

4. How tall are Batty Banties compared to humans?

They are slightly shorter than average humans, about 5 feet 9 inches or 1.62m tall.

5. Background Trait Type?

All Backgrounds are made up of different colors and depicting different AI created scenes.

6. How “horizontally tall” are Batty Banties?

That’s sensitive data.

Let’s just say that if you add ½ Homer S. and 1 Peter G. together, you get one Batty Banties.

Just follow this Formula:

½ Homer + 1 Peter = 1 Batty Banty