The Roadmap

Wondering what we have planned for this NFT Collection, Community and The Valley ?

Then check out our Comprehensive Roadmap below.


The Roadmap has been sorted into 4 categories for you: “All”, “NFTs & Community”, “The Valley” and “Old Hut”.


The Vault opens for the first time and releases Batty Banties for minting.


The Community wallet gets released from its Vault with a starting fund of 2 ETH. The Community Wallet will be used for a variety of things for ensuring the longevity of the NFT Collection and Community.


NFTs stay hidden. Nothing is like it appears. Community Wallet increases to 4 ETH.


10 Batty Banties are released from the Vault and airdropped to random BBholders. Community Wallet increases to 6 ETH.


Community Wallet increases to 8 ETH.


The Real FUN Starts Now…. More Activities and Competitions, to bring the Community closer together.

Lots of Prizes to Win, ranging from Prestige, NFTs, Digital, and ETH. Community Wallet increases to 10 ETH.


The Community will decide (Vote) what will happen with the Batty Banties franchise.

For example: The Community might Vote to create a Batty Banties Game (to relax, P2E, VR or App) or a Cartoon Series, then we will make it happen. The sky is the limit. The Future will be Community Driven.

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