The Roadmap

Wondering what we have planned for this NFT Collection, Community and The Valley ?

Then check out our Comprehensive Roadmap below.


The Roadmap has been sorted into 4 categories for you: “All”, “NFTs & Community”, “The Valley” and “Old Hut”.


First look at the Old Hut.


The hunt to relocate the radioactive spiders starts and some of the spider webs on the outside are removed.


All radioactive spiders are caught and relocated. Pressure washing the outside to remove the year’s nasty dirt and grime starts.


All the cracks in the wood get sealed with filler.


The outside gets painted with the color the community decides.


The sign on the old hut gets re-done and renamed to what the community decides.


The Hut becomes accessible, allowing everyone to see what is inside. A lot of Secrets will be revealed.

The possibilities are endless and a lot more FUN is to come.