The Art

“ NFT Art is the application of human creative skill and AI imagination, to produce NFTs to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.”

-BB Team

🕐3000 hours

The project started two years ago when four friends (The Team) came together for a Birthday. Over 3000 hours of drawing and coding later, an NFT collection was created.

Many obstacles had to be overcome by the Team, such as wildfires, floods, long-distance communication, a pandemic, and more.


Find out the roles of Team Members, by clicking here.

🤖AI & 🧑Human Teamwork

This collection is the product of humans and machines working together to create something awesome.

First, more than 1000 building blocks of Art were created by CrayJohn. These building blocks were then given to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program called “Timmy”, created by Trokkin.

Timmy then fused the building blocks, following its own rules, automatically and randomly created the NFT collection called “Batty Banties”.

Timmy had to:

  • Choose the Traits that will be in the collection (1,000 Art Building Blocks to choose from).

  • Choose the Color of the Traits (16 million colors to choose from).

  • Choose the Trait Names (500,000 Trait Names to choose from).

  • Choose the orientation of some Traits (check out the "One Trait can affect other Traits" Rule).

  • Randomly Generate the 1001 NFTs from the chosen Traits (1 Trillion possible NFTs).

  • Choose random NFTs (1-10 NFTs) to modify as it sees fit (10,000 Filters and Effects to choose from). This includes ******** NFTs to be revealed later on.

💡New ideas

  • An AI generates an NFT collection autonomously based on its own rules.

  • The AI has total freedom to create with some unexpected outcomes.

  • The NFT Art and the Process is the centre piece of the project.

  • Quality is Key, everything has a reason for its creation.

  • ████████████████████████████████  Wait for Reveal

  •   Wait for Reveal

  •   Wait for Reveal

🎨New & Old Styles

The NFT Collection was created by bringing together hand-drawing techniques and computer-generated art designs to create an awesome Collection.

​Batty Banties building blocks share similarities to major cartoon series that we love and watch every day.

The AI had the final say in their orientation, appearance, and generation.


Our Team believes that NFTs can be much more than just Tokens on a Blockchain.

The Art itself can be a window into the soul of the creator. It can be a key to a new world unknown to us, sharing emotions and hiding secrets.


Do Machines have Souls?