The Community

A Community run by a Dedicated Team

🚗Community Driven

The Team aims to create a Community-driven environment, which gives members the power to steer it to the future of their choice.

🙊Secret Channels

Yes, Discord members will have access to BB Secret Channels.

Furthermore, there will be a Tier System that will decide the level of access of members.


The Tier will be decided, based on:

  • The Date a member joined the Discord Server

  • The Rarity of the NFT owned

  • The unique NFT Properties owned

✔️Vetting Process

Any member that joins the Discord servers, will undergo a vetting process to ensure that they are suitable for the community.

The vetting process will mainly involve:

  • No use of foul words on Twitter & Discord

  • No bulling, racism, or sarcasm on Twitter & Discord

  • No fake accounts on Twitter & Discord

  • No spamming on Twitter & Discord


Failing the vetting process can result in being Kicked or Banned. In very severe cases, radical countermeasures can also be diploid.

Quality Members

A community is only as good as its weakest member. Not in the physical sense, but in character. The aim is to create a space that allows a large number of awesome people to interact, exchange ideas and drive the community forward.

😎Dedicated Team

Batty Banties is run by an experienced Team, from around the world. Bringing with them a plethora of knowledge and ideas. Each Team member was involved in every aspect of the project, including moderation. The Team is here to create a safe and fun environment for its members. A place to relax and let loose.

🧙New Adventures

Batty Banties has many fun activities in store. Activities that will excite and test its members.

More to come after the reveal.