The Format

Large in Every Aspect.

⚙️1 Trillion NFT Combos

Yes, this is true. If Timmy wanted to, it could create over 1 Trillion unique NFTs. But it will only ever randomly generate 1,001 of them.

💎10 Trait Types

There are a total of 10 trait types in the Batty Banties collection.

Trait Type Teaser:

  • 1 Trait Type was 100% created by AI Timmy.

  • 1 Trait Type has the power to control other traits (check out “One Trait can affect other Traits” in FAQs).

  • 3 Trait Types are affected by another Trait Type.

  • 1 Trait Type is the Background, no mono-color backgrounds in this collection.

🦄~200 Traits

Yes, you heard right there are an approx. 200 (exact number unknown for now) traits in this collection split into 10 Trait Types.


Timmy chose each Trait, Trait Color, Trait Orientation, and Trait Name.

🖼️1 NFT = 5,760,000 pixels

Each NFT in the Collection is 2400 x 2400 pixels, making a total of 5,760,000 pixels in each NFT.

The format of the Art is PNGs, at 32 bit. Allowing for lossless compression, wider color depth, sharper edges, and solid colors.

The size of the NFTs can vary from 60 KB to up to 10 MB.​