The Security

Safety and security are paramount. The team has created numerous measures to make BB holder's experience is safe and fun.

🛡️Secure Storage

The ERC-721 Tokens are all stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

During minting, metadata and Art are stored on a Secured Server that encrypts the data during release, thus preventing sniping of NFTs.

Finally, the collection is stored on Secure IPFS servers around the world (with 4 Replications, dedicated Gateways, and 100GB bandwidth), so deletion of the files is virtually impossible.


2x Isolated & Hibernating servers

3x USBs in Bank Vaults or secure locations

1x ERC-721 Token transaction backups

🃏SECRET Discord: Invite only

The SECRET Discord is Invite only.

Invites can be obtained by following the different Twitter accounts and PUBLIC Discord.

Discord Invites will be dropped at random (any day/time/Twitter account).

We advise that you follow ALL Batty Banties and BB Team members' Twitter to not miss out on Invite Drops.

🏴‍☠️️Anti-Sniping System

New collections are always under threat of Sniping by hackers. The Collection data gained by said activities can be misused to get an unfair advantage over other people when minting NFTs. Or it can be used to create Fake Collections with similar names.

For this reason, during the minting period, all metadata and Art is stored on a secure server that encrypts and hides the data. Preventing viewing of the data to any unauthorized personnel, and giving every person the same chance to receive an awesome rare NFT.

Please be advised the Team has strict rules to protect the future of the collection.

🚨Fake NFT Warning System

The Fake NFT Warning System (FNWS) was created by Trokkin. It is an algorithm that scours the internet, looking for similarities to the Batty Banties Collection.

If similarities in names and picture details are identified, a warning is sent to the BB Team. The BB Team then checks if it is a credible infringement on copyright. If yes, then the appropriate measures will be taken (reporting, countermeasures, informing the community, lawsuit, etc.).​