The Utility

While we believe stunning Art and distinguishable Rarity distribution, with eye-popping traits, is a utility on its own, we won’t stop there.

Owning a Batty Banties NFT makes you able:

🎁Winning Prizes

Ranging from Prestige, NFTs, Digital, and ETH.

🔐Special Access

​Special Access will include, but is not limited to:

  • To Secret Channels that allow members to share their thoughts on trends, polls, and issues. Protected against bots, negative vibes, etc.

  • To Activities - e.g. Scavenger Hunts, ********* (hidden for now)

  • To Challenges, that allow members to have fun and relax. At the same time to strengthen the Batty Banties Community.

  • To Limited Edition Merchandise to buy and allow members to express themselves in public.

  • To Keeping Batty Banties NFTs.

  • To Selling Batty Banties NFTs.

  • To Bragging about owning Batty Banties NFTs.

🥂Community Activities

To partake in Activities surrounding the Batty Banties Collection.

To be part of the ************* (This will be revealed when President Crazy Cock thinks the time is right).

🗳️Voting Power

Get Voting Rights surrounding anything concerning the Community.


Some Examples of Future Polls that a member will be able to partake:

  • The Going Forward Poll- Decides the direction the Batty Banties Franchise should go after the Public Sale concludes. (check Community Roadmap)

  • The Charities Poll - Decides the Charity/Charities to which the proceeding of the "The Valley NFT" sale should go. (check The Valley Roadmap)

  • The Old Hut Poll - Decides what the function of the Hut will be, once it is fully restored. (check Old Hut Roadmap)

  • Cost of Mint Poll - Members will also decide to some degree the mint price of the NFTs during the different stages. (check Mint Price & Limits)

BB Members will also have a “Megaphone” to Moderators' ears, regarding any issues, related to the Batty Banties NFTs, they might have.


Whitelisting for Future Projects.


The Batty Banties Team has Big Plans for the Future. The Valley and Old Hut are only a small part of this plan. 

🔎And more

The Batty Banties Membership will allow you access to IRL events.
Further Utilities will be added as the community grows.​